For artists

Artpoli started with artists who have the following thoughts in mind.

"I would like to show my works. But opportunities are too limited."

"I want normal people to be able to enjoy my works."

Artpoli cannot replace the offline art market. We only want to give additional opportunities for artists to show their art works and meet viewers.

To become an Artpoli artist, please do the following.

  1. Sign up at Artpoli.
  2. Apply for the artist membership

We hope to have many artist members, but we have a minimum procedure of approval to make Artpoli a place for artists who are passionate about art.

Once you are approved for artist membership, here are the next steps.

  1. Post your works. Please upload high-resolution images for better viewing experiences.
  2. Write artist statement for each work that's easy to understand. Describe materials and techniques used, and subjects and themes.
  3. Introduce yourself on your profile page. Liking an art work is closely related to liking the artist. Please let people know who you are.
  4. Talk with viewers and other artists proactively. Pay attention to other artists works, and show gratitude to people who liked your works.

We hope to see you often at Artpoli. Thank you very much.